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The Krav Maga Black Belt

Ten years ago this month I got my Black Belt in Krav Maga. It was the most physically challenging day of my life, and in many ways the most mentally challenging as well. I still remember every detail of the test, from the live knife coming at me, to the pain of my bruised ribs and my battered leg and shoulder. I remember the moment that the test was over, and Darren Levine told me that I passed, and that he believed I could handle myself in any situation. I have never forgotten those words. I will never forget that day.

I have been training instructors in Krav Maga since 2003. This is my passion. I love working with people who have dedicated themselves to empowering others through self defense. Black Belt Weekend is the culmination of that dedication and training. The Krav Maga Black Belt test is the ultimate test of heart, spirit, knowledge, and skill in self defense.

Giving this test, as well as other tests and certifications for instructors from all over the world, is now my duty and my privilege. This past weekend was the most recent test, and it was truly an honor for me to guide these men on their Krav Maga journeys. Many of them I have known and worked with since they began training.

I pushed them as hard as I could. And they fought through everything. There was blood, sweat, and tears. And… So. Much. Heart.

I am so proud of the men who went through this test. All of you are better practitioners of Krav Maga as a result, but more importantly, better teachers. I know you will continue to empower others and keep them safe.

I wanted to take this moment to thank you for what you do.

Keep training everyone, and go do some Krav Maga today!

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