It wouldn’t be real Krav Maga without the Israeli favorite known as the headbutt!

The headbutt is a close range weapon that can do tons of damage when needed, but it can also be pretty risky especially if not done properly or to the correct target.  I like to call it a high risk/high reward combative.

If you are practicing this movement at home or at your own school, be sure to use caution and start very lightly.  See video for how to execute the strike properly, and I recommend having a certified instructor present while practicing.

All of this being said, should you ever need to use this attack, you can definitely do a ton of damage if you connect with the bad guy’s nose!

Ok, that’s all for now.  Enjoy the video, be safe… and GO DO SOME KRAV MAGA TODAY!

-AJ  @AJDraven – Twitter



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