Gun to Back of Head while on Ground

We must train on even the most difficult of situations.  Any defense against a gun threat is difficult, but in this video we are dealing with an extremely delicate scenario.  I would think that plenty of bad things had to of happened to get you here, but nonetheless, we must have a way to get out of this position should this ever happen.

With the gun placed on the back of your head while you are on the ground, your options are limited.  We can still redirect the weapon off of our head, but we must attempt to control the weapon prior to counterattacking as we are in no position to strike.  It is rare that we don’t strike immediately while defending, but our hands are forced in this particular scenario.

After redirecting the weapon, we must cup it with the opposite hand to prevent the attacker from pulling away from us.  From here the fight is on.  Hopefully I can trap the gunman’s hand and roll him over the top of me as shown in the video.  At the very least if I can make a successful redirection and hold the weapon with both of my hands I will have a legitimate chance at fighting my way out and up onto my feet.

As usual, when dealing with a gun, after I successfully defend I must always assess the situation to figure out what I should be doing next.  I will never assume that an attackers gunman will be suitable for me to use, and depending upon my knowledge of firearms, I may have to use it as a blunt object.

I hope none of you are ever in a situation like this, but I think this response would give you the best chance at survival.

Ok, that’s all for now.  Enjoy the video, be safe… and GO DO SOME KRAV MAGA TODAY!

-AJ  @AJDraven – Twitter



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