Carjacking Defense

The definition of Carjacking is:  A criminal taking of a motor vehicle from its driver by force, violence, or intimidation.

More often then not, the criminal is carrying a gun to carry out this violent act.  Carjackers generally rely on the element of surprise to commit their crime.  So as usual, being aware of our surroundings is key to preventing this potentially deadly attack.

Many victims of carjacking report never even seeing the attacker until after the gun is in their face or even until they are already being taken out of their vehicle.

These attacks commonly occur in big cities, at stop lights, or in parking structures or lots.

Here are a few tips to prevent a carjacking situation:

  • Be aware of your surroundings when entering and exiting your vehicle.  Notice who is around you or if you are potentially being followed.
  • Try to walk to your car with another person if possible especially at night or in an unfamiliar area.
  • Avoid parking near objects that someone can hide behind, such as dumpsters and large bushes
  • Use Valet parking if in an unfamiliar or unsafe area
  • Trust your instincts!  If an area feels unsafe, it probably is.
  • Avoid parking your vehicle in areas that aren’t well lit
  • Lock doors and drive away quickly when parked in unknown or unsafe areas.
  • Keep windows up and doors locked while driving in unknown or unsafe areas, especially if you have to make frequent stops.

If prevention isn’t possible, it is time to make a defense, or to just give up your vehicle and leave the situation safely.  If you decide to leave the car and give the attacker your keys, do not leave any passengers or children in the vehicle!  The chance of survival after being removed from the scene of the crime is significantly reduced.

In this week’s video, I discuss a carjacking attempt from the front driver side of the vehicle.  These attacks can occur from many angles, or even from inside the vehicle, but for this video we are focusing on one of the more common types of attack. The defense will changed based on the position of the attacker and the way that the gun is presented.

This situation is extremely dangerous, so please practice this technique at your local Krav Maga school.

Ok, thats all for now.  Enjoy the video, be safe… and GO DO SOME KRAV MAGA TODAY!

-AJ  @AJDraven

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Krav Maga Stick Defense

I am a big fan of baseball, (Go Cardinals!)… However I am not a fan of someone swinging a baseball bat or a stick at my head!

In this week’s video, we discuss what it takes to defend against a stick attack coming in at a horizontal plane, similar to that of a baseball swing.  The attacker can use one or both hands on the stick, which doesn’t really change my tactics while defending.

As usual, when defending against any attack, we must analyze the inherent danger and create our defense from there.  The strength of a weapon such as a stick, bat, or blunt object is its length.  If used correctly, a stick can be incredibly powerful and even fatal if the blow is delivered effectively.  For this reason we must treat a stick attack as a potential deadly threat, and defend accordingly.

When this threat is presented, I believe you need to make a quick decision.  The choices are simple… Run away, or close the distance and strike while defending.  Staying in range of the stick, but out of range to counter attack, is potentially the biggest mistake you could make in this situation.  Remember, the stick will be moving fastest at the point furthest from the attackers arm, so getting inside that point on the stick is crucial.

When dealing with a horizontal swing, it is best to try and close the distance by building a wall and protecting yourself, and then striking as aggressively as possible.  If you can get inside the sticks long range, the weapon for the most part neutralized and the fight is on.  Now your goal is to strike as effectively as possible and then take the stick away when possible (or, as I prefer to do, counter attack until they are knock out or no longer fighting back and the stick will fall out of their hands).

Ok that’s all for now, enjoy the video, be safe, and… GO DO SOME KRAV MAGA TODAY!

-AJ  @AJDraven

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The Rear Naked Choke

One of the most popular moves in Mixed Martial Arts is the ‘Rear Naked Choke’.  If executed properly, it can render someone unconscious in a matter of seconds.  The goal is to wrap your arms around the neck, cutting off blood circulation via the carotid artery to the brain.

This choke is known as a submission hold.  I rarely recommend using a submission hold in a street fight, and this one in particular occupies both of your hands and attaches you to the other person.  For a variety of reasons including if there happen to be multiple attackers that you have to deal with, or the attacker is bigger and stronger than you, attempting this choke hold could put you in a dangerous position.

That being said, there may be a time where you must render an attacker unconscious, and this is probably the best way to do so aside from knocking them out with a combative.  It will be much easier to get into the position necessary to complete this choke, if you have already attacked with strikes such as groin kicks, punches, and eye gouges to ‘soften’ the attacker up.

This week’s video addresses how to execute this technique properly, as well as how to defend if someone should attempt this choke on you.  Keep in mind that the best defense (as usual) is awareness and prevention of this dangerous situation.

Ok, thats all for now, enjoy the video, be safe, and… GO DO SOME KRAV MAGA TODAY!

-AJ  @AJDraven

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