How to Defend a Choke : Video!

The danger is this:  An attacker wraps their hand or hands around your throat, cutting off the air supply to your body, causing you to suffocate.  This attack can of course be fatal, and must be defended against as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Chokes are very common in violent crimes of passion and cases of Domestic Violence.  The attacker does not need a weapon, just his hands to potentially kill someone.

Fortunately, we can defend against a choke without relying on our strength vs. that of the attacker, as it is important to assume an attacker will be bigger and stronger than you are.  In this video, I demonstrate a one-handed plucking defense against a choke.  The principle of the defense is that I am ‘ripping’ and the attackers thumb as quickly and explosively as possible, causing it to move away from my throat.  Simultaneously, I am striking the attacker in the face to catch him off guard and prevent oncoming attacks.  From there I continue to improve my position and throw counter attacks until the attacker is no longer a threat.

I hope you enjoy the video this week,  let me know your thoughts here, on Facebook, or Twitter.  Thanks!

AJ – @AJDraven – Twitter

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