Zombie Hamlet

The trailer for the feature film, Zombie Hamlet, is now up on itunes.  I am not in the trailer, but in the film I do a mean Charlton Heston impersonation, and I must admit, its pretty darn funny! Let’s just say my scene looks something like this, but with a funny little twist.

(by the way, the beautiful Stephanie Lemelin plays the Linda Harrison role)

Here is a link to the trailer on itunes, Check it out!:


The film was directed by John Murlowski.  Here is the synopsis:

First-time director Osric Taylor finally manages to get his dream film financed, Shakespeare’s HAMLET–set against the epic backdrop of the American Civil War. He heads to a small town in Louisiana to start filming when production funding suddenly dries up. Osric agrees to take up southern matron Hester Beauchamp’s offer to finance his movie as long as he throws some zombies in the film to attract a wider audience. When Hester suddenly dies mid-shoot, and with the local sheriff and ambitious news reporter Shine Reynolds hot on his trail, Osric is thrust into precarious and hilarious situations in a desperate effort to keep ZOMBIE HAMLET alive.

Let me know what you think!



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