What is NKLA you ask?  It stands for ‘No-Kill Los Angeles’… and I couldn’t be more excited! NKLA is a coalition of animal welfare organizations and passionate individuals, led by Best Friends Animal Society.  (Our non-profit, Angel City Pit Bulls, is of course a coalition member).

Please support the NKLA campaign by spreading the word and maybe even buying one of these awesome T-shirts! I can attest that the material is VERY comfortable and it fits great. Thank you for supporting this awesome campaign!


Here is an excerpt from NKLA.org (please visit for more info!):

We are the best friends of animals. We are a movement. We are a coalition of organizations and passionate individuals dedicated to making Los Angeles a no-kill city. Last year more than 17,000 healthy or treatable animals were killed in L.A. City Shelters. Each one an individual. Each one a loving pet worth saving. 17,000. That number should be zero. And it can be. There is a solution, but only if the people who care work together. Join us and help make L.A. into NKLA.


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