Teaching in Europe

This week I am in the Netherlands to help spread the largest self defense system in the USA throughout Europe.  I’m giving a Krav Maga Worldwide seminar, teaching and then certifying potential instructors who will teach self defense.

Some of the students speak little English, but the translation of what we are working on is  universal: how to GO HOME SAFE.  It is an honor to teach these skills to others, who will then in turn teach it to their students throughout the world.

I hope to continue to train people overseas, and help spread the message of Krav Maga, ‘So that we all may walk in peace’…

Big thanks to Gerwin Kranenburg for being an excellent host of the seminar and of course to my students who I can’t help but feel proud of as they are pushing themselves to be the best that they can be…

New Krav Maga Picture

I recently did a photo shoot with the ultra talented Pavel Ythjall.  Here is a picture from our shoot.  Big thanks to Pavel (of course), as well as Kevin Lewis, and John Dugas for helping me prepare in such a short amount of time…  Gallery of more shots to be posted soon!

Krav Maga AJ Draven

Angel City Pit Bulls News Alert!

My favorite Charity, Angel City Pit Bulls, has launched a new website!

The New Website (WWW.ANGELCITYPITS.ORG) has gone live! It’s filled with tons of information about pit bulls, pit bulls and, well, pit bulls– and the people who love them of course…

From descriptions about who we are and what we do, to which dogs we have available for adoption, to success stories about dogs who have gone through our program, and more- make sure to check it out today, bookmark, “like” it, and share far and wide.

The website launched with the first blog entry, so check it out today and sign up to get updates, etc… It’s a great organization which is growing fast so jump on board the train and help save some pups!